A recent survey conducted by consultants Roland Berger for the China Chamber of Commerce to the EU reveals that most Chinese companies operating in the European Union still perceive

promising opportunities, despite the challenges posed by the EU's de-risking strategy. The survey gathered opinions from 180 Chinese enterprises in the EU, including major players like Huawei, ZTE, BYD, COSCO Shipping, and China's largest banks.

The overall rating of the EU's business environment by Chinese companies declined for the fourth consecutive year, with a notable decrease in views regarding the political landscape. Approximately 72% of respondents reported negative impacts on their business operations due to the EU's de-risking strategy, particularly affecting semiconductor and telecoms suppliers. The strategy aims to reduce the EU's reliance on China, especially in key minerals and products crucial for green and digital transitions.

Despite challenges, 83% of surveyed companies expressed continued faith in the EU market and indicated plans to expand their presence. Many Chinese companies felt that the EU had become less favorable in terms of single market access, import tariffs, public procurement opportunities, and investment scrutiny. The EU is also exploring potential tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles.

Regarding the EU's transition to a greener and more digital economy, the majority of companies expressed optimism about increased China-EU cooperation and technology collaboration in the coming years. About 90% of respondents saw more opportunities than challenges in the green and digital fields.

Bilateral trade between the EU and China continues to grow, reaching 857 billion euros ($917 billion) in 2022, solidifying their positions as each other's second-largest trading partner. The EU has emphasized the need for a more balanced relationship with China, pointing out a trade deficit of around 400 billion euros, partly attributed to Chinese restrictions on European companies compared to the relatively open EU market. Photo by Ra'ike (Wikipedia), Wikimedia commons.