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Singapore's political landscape witnessed a historic shift as Lawrence Wong, the country's first new prime minister in 20 years, convened his inaugural cabinet meeting.

Following his swearing-in ceremony and celebratory events, including well-wishes from global leaders, Wong took to Instagram to express his commitment to the nation's agenda.

In a carefully orchestrated transition, Wong succeeded Lee Hsien Loong, now a senior minister in Wong's cabinet. Emphasizing continuity, Wong pledged to sustain Singapore's remarkable progress amidst global uncertainties. He underscored the need for unity in the face of geopolitical challenges and stressed the importance of inclusive progress for all citizens.

Acknowledging the evolving global landscape characterized by tensions and protectionism, Wong outlined Singapore's diplomatic approach, aiming to maintain friendly relations while safeguarding national interests. He affirmed Singapore's commitment to strengthening partnerships with key players like the United States and China.

Wong received congratulatory messages from international counterparts, signaling optimism for continued cooperation and mutual benefits. From the U.S. to China, and neighboring Malaysia, leaders expressed eagerness to deepen ties across various sectors, including economics and trade.

In his outreach efforts, Wong engaged with regional leaders, highlighting the importance of collaborative efforts in achieving peace and prosperity in Asia. With a clear vision and diplomatic finesse, Wong aims to navigate Singapore's path forward in an ever-changing global landscape. Photo by 首相官邸ホームページ, Wikimedia commons.