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The US Military in Japan Initiates Seafood Purchases in Response to China's Ban Following Fukushima Nuclear Plant's Treated Water Release.

The US Ambassador to Japan, Rahm Emanuel, has announced that the US military in Japan has commenced bulk purchases of Japanese seafood in reaction to China's import ban, which was triggered by concerns over treated water released from the Fukushima nuclear plant.

Emanuel mentioned that the seafood acquisition will begin with scallops and expand to include various other types over time as part of a long-term contract between the US armed forces and Japanese fisheries and co-ops. This purchase will serve both military personnel and be available in military base shops and restaurants.

The move is seen as a method to counter China's "economic coercion" and provide support to the affected Japanese industry, which was the largest supplier of seafood to China until the ban. Despite Japan's assurance of the water's safety and the United Nations' approval of the plan, the Chinese government imposed the ban, affecting Japan's seafood exports significantly. The US military had not previously procured Japanese seafood in Japan and may also explore imports from Japan and China for its fish supplies. Photo by Ons, Wikimedia commons.