China's President Xi Jinping delivered a message of economic resilience to the BRICS group on Tuesday (Aug 22), assuring that China's economy remains robust and its long-term growth

prospects unchanged. Speaking at a business forum in South Africa, Xi's prepared statement was conveyed by Chinese Commerce Minister Wang Wentao. Xi emphasized, "The Chinese economy possesses strong resilience, substantial potential, and remarkable vitality," as conveyed through Wang.

Despite a recent slowdown driven by a deteriorating property market, sluggish consumer spending, and a decline in credit expansion, Xi asserted that China's economic strengths remain intact. He highlighted factors such as a vast market, a comprehensive industrial infrastructure, and a highly skilled labor pool. Xi stated, "The immense vessel of the Chinese economy will continue to navigate challenges, surge ahead, and chart new courses."

In response to China's economic stance, the United States criticized China's reduced transparency in reporting essential economic data over recent months. Additionally, concerns were raised about China's crackdown on firms within its borders that were responsible for providing such data. The US labeled these actions as irresponsible behavior. Photo by 美国之音, Wikimedia commons.