Antony Blinken holds talks with Chinese Vice President ami…


On the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly, Secretary of State Antony Blinken engaged in discussions with Chinese V...


China's Defense Minister's unexplained absence raises ques…


China's Defense Minister Li Shangfu unexpectedly withdrew from a meeting with Vietnamese defense leaders last week, sp...


Terry Gou: The Billionaire Eyeing Taiwan's Presidency


  Terry Gou, a 72-year-old billionaire and the founder of Foxconn, the manufacturer behind iPhones, has entered the ra...


China's Xi affirms resilience of Chinese economy at BRICS …


  China's President Xi Jinping delivered a message of economic resilience to the BRICS group on Tuesday (Aug 22), assu...


China's Defence Minister to visit Russia and Belarus from …


  China's Defence Minister, Li Shangfu, is scheduled to embark on a visit to Russia and Belarus from August 14th to 19...



Chinese President Xi Jinping has called on Western countries to lift sanctions against war-ravaged Syria and offered China's assistance in rebuilding the country. During a rare meeting with


China's securities regulator engaged in discussions with representatives from prominent Western asset management firms on Friday to alleviate apprehensions regarding the

China's economic challenges have ignited a debate among government experts over the best course of action, with some advocating for fundamental reforms while others


Despite China being Japan's largest seafood export market, marine products make up less than 1% of Tokyo's global trade, primarily centered around the automotive sector.

Yi Gang, the former governor of the People's Bank of China (PBOC), has emphasized the need for China to increase support measures appropriately in order to attain the government's

Beijing has granted approval for North Korea's state-owned airline, Air Koryo, to recommence flights to China, marking the resumption of services that were suspended for


According to Chinese authorities, a total of 75 crocodiles, including 69 adults and six babies, have managed to escape from their breeding farm located in Maoming,

The United States government has initiated an investigation into the supply chains of Chinese electric-vehicle (EV) batteries and car parts, focusing on potential connections to forced labor.


Hong Kong and southern regions of China are currently grappling with widespread flooding as they face some of the most severe rainfall on record. The deluge, which began on Thursday, has



On Thursday, China's cyberspace regulator unveiled draft rules mandating service providers that hold data on more than 1 million people to undergo at least one compliance audit annually.


China has turned down Japan's offer to participate in the International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) system for analyzing the results of sea water monitoring near the


Chinese property developer Country Garden Holdings is set to raise $300 million through a primary placement aimed at alleviating its debts, according to a term sheet obtained by Reuters on


Country Garden, one of China's leading property developers, has raised concerns by hinting at the possibility of defaulting on its debts, compounding fears about the nation's post-pandemic



China has embarked on an ambitious quest for natural resources buried deep underground as engineers recently began work on a new super deep borehole in the Sichuan Basin. The hole is